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Friday, August 26, 2016 - 05:05 UTC

• Aftershocks rattle Italian quake zone; toll rises to 250
• US swimmer Lochte's legal troubles mount in Brazil
• 2 nuns killed in Mississippi; signs point to home break-in
• Senegal clamps down on Quranic schools that exploit children
• 1 dead, at least 4 injured in Belgium in accidental blast
• Official: Striking miners kill deputy minister in Bolivia

•  Of All The Bad Things About France's Burkini Ban, This Is The Worst...
•  How the super-rich are making their homes 'invisible'
•  Jackpot: Scientists find Earth-like planet at star next door
•  'In Trump We Trust' Celebrates 'Rebellion of the People Against All of Washington'
•  More than half of Hillary's meetings at State Dept. were with donors to Clinton Foundation
If they would be ethics concerns if she were president, why were they not ethics concerns when she was Sec. of State??
•  Stumped by Trump's success? Take a drive outside US cities
•  It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a rodeo clown is the voice of reason and fired for being so
Especially when the scientific evidence supports the clown's statements
•  John Hopkins University Medical School professor: Transgenderism 'Not Supported By Scientific Evidence'
•  12 Reasons Why This Was Hillary's Worst Week Ever
•  FBI Finds 15,000 Hillary Clinton Documents That She Didn't Turn Over
•  Exclusive Excerpt from Ann Coulter's New Book
•  Australian drug melting cancer cells approved for human use in U.S.
•  EU boss sparks border OUTRAGE: Juncker slammed over 'beyond parody' checkpoint madness
•  So to be clear, PoC OK, CP not OK.  Thank you, Deborah McDowell
•  0bama Readies One Last Push for Trans-Pacific Partnership
•  Oracle Funds Anti-Google Effort that Outs Hillary, 0bama
•  American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
•  Trump Plays the Role of President in Louisiana
•  Hillary Clinton, Original 'Birther,' Links to Obama 'Born in Kenya' Pamphlet in Campaign Fundraiser
•  Brazilian Shakedowns and American Drunken Vandalism Get Lost in Translation
•  Really, really poor taste but: Comedian Fined $42,000 by Human Rights Tribunal for Telling a Joke
•  Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones, both of whom have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, standing up for Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick.
•  After denials State Dept admits $400M to Iran was contingent on US prisoners' release
•  People are highly suggestible; That's why companies spend billions on advertising.
•  Cisco Laying Off 5,500 After Pushing For More H-1B Visas
•  Hillary vs. Comey: Email Scandal - - Hillary lying to the American people
•  How Is That Not Perjury?
•  'Auction' of NSA tools sends security companies scrambling; "Very bad" for NSA either way
•  Porsche has captured the very essence of motoring with its back-to-basics limited edition machine.
•  Trump: Hillary Clinton Is A Bigot Who Panders And Talks Down To Communities Of Color
•  Gay Republican Activist Removed from AIDS Foundation for Supporting Donald Trump
•  The Real Existential Threats Of 2016
•  Aliya Mustafina: Top 10 Instagram Photos
•  Annnnnnd New York Named 'Least Free State' again
•  GOP Lawmakers Lay Out Perjury Case Against Clinton
•  Calais Locals Warned to Stay Away from Main Roads As Migrants Smash Vehicles
•  Liberals rally to sink TPP amid concern of 11th hour vote after election
•  Huma Abedin's Overlapping Jobs Renew Focus on Clinton Conflicts
•  Negative Rates for the People Arrive as German Bank Gives In
•  Happy 20th Anniversary
•  REVEALED: Obama DOJ Blocked Clinton Foundation Investigation

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