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Monday, May 21, 2018 - 12:24 UTC

• School faces heat for "insensitive" statement on student's death
• US, China putting trade war on hold
• Manhunt for 2 murder suspects who escaped jail
• Father plows car into restaurant, kills daughter
• Doctor sentenced for spiking girlfriend's drink with abortion pill
• 2 inmates charged with murder escape jail
• Investigators get first look at Michael Cohen raid materials
• Maduro wins Venezuela election
• 75-year-old mayor hospitalized after mob beating
• Nurse dead in Congo as Ebola vaccination campaign starts

•  Former adviser to President Clinton: Stop Mueller to protect us all
•  Company Selling Real-Time Cell Phone Tracking Ends Up Leaking Location Data
•  IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ Broke Law In Clinton Probe, Refers To Prosecutor For Criminal Charges
•  A Huge Victory for States' Rights and the Tenth Amendment
•  Big Brother: Police Raid Home Of Man Who Posted Pictures Of His Mushroom Dinner On Facebook
•  Website flaw exposed most U.S. cellphones' real-time locations
•  It's pronounced Fronk-en-stchein: Scientists Bring A Severed Brain Back To Life, Sparking Ethical Debate
•  Who Leaked the FinCEN Cohen Bank Report? It May Not Be Secret for Long
•  Watch List Shields T.S.A. Screeners From Threatening, and Unruly, Travelers
•  Zero sense of humor. The joke was funny and self-deprecating so I really don't see what the fuss is all about.
•  Physicist: Climate Scientists Are Giving Science a Bad Name
•  Illinois' insane scheme to rob homeowners at gunpoint to pay for unfunded govt. pensions
This is literally the rich robbing the poor with the force of the state
•  Even the simplest of changes to complex systems can have major impacts
•  West Sacramento Launching Controversial Program Watching Public's Social Media Posts
•  The Death Of Free Speech: Twitter Ramps Up 'Censorship' Of "Hate Facts"
•  Dennis Miller Says Trump 'Rope-a-Dope' Working: 'If You're Going to Be the Cool Kids, You Cannot Be Hysterical Every Day'
•  Disney Workers Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements End Legal Battle
•  Oklahoma Senate Concurs with House: 2nd Amendment Is Your Carry Permit
•  Trump called it a few years ago as more NY Democrats keep it classy
•  "If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border."
•  Climate Skeptics More 'Eco-Friendly' than Climate Alarmists
•  Irony lost on actress who can afford to attend anti-gun protest with own armed guards
•  Peter Schiff Rants Bernie's Guaranteed Jobs Program Is "Utter Nonsense"
•  Man who opened fire on Sutherland Springs shooter honored at NRA convention
•  So is subsidized bike sharing "green" at all when this type of waste is calculated into the cost?
•  Regarding AZ Teacher strike: F.D.R. Warned Us About Public Sector Unions
In F.D.R.'s own words. Footnote explains the odd signature line.
•  Shooting victim's dad sues deputy who didn't enter school
•  Keep 'Qualified Immunity' in mind when you read about the suit against the officer who didn't enter the high school in Parkland
•  Why a Bar Can Boot Trump Supporters, But a Bakery Cannot Deny Gay Customers
•  DC Court Abuses its Power to Temporarily Save DACA
•  Full contents of Tom Brokaw's email to friends
•  Brokaw is 100% correct. Evidence-free allegations are ruining people's lives.
•  No guns and yet 7 students killed in stabbing rampage at middle school
•  Delingpole: Earth in 'Greatest Two-Year Cooling Event in a Century' Shock
•  Rob Schneider thinks 'Saturday Night Live' is ruining the joke
•  DNA match on genealogy site led to suspected "Golden State Killer," police say
•  CDC Survey: Plenty of Americans Innocently Defend Themselves with Guns
•  DACA was brought into existence through non-legislative, executive fiat and can be ended the exact same way.
•  Porsche Links

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