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Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 01:47 UTC

• Some parts of Obamacare working well, problems with others
• US Jews wrestle with arrest of Jew in bomb threats case
• London attacker cheerful, joking on eve of deadly rampage
• Ex-Penn State president convicted over child-sex scandal
• Double-amputee Marine vet joins New York police department

•  Obama White House received foreign intelligence that included discussions by Trump and aides
•  Don't you just love how the AP identifies this terrorist, Mohamed R., as "a Frenchman" as if that's fooling anyone
•  There are no legitimate reasons for opposing Gorsuch, just petty left-right politics
•  Welcome to London 2017: Brought to you by liberal weaklings who refuse to see reality
London Mayor Sadiq Khan: "Terror attacks are part of living in big city"
•  BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaked Proof Trump Under "Systematic Illegal" Surveillance Over Two Years Ago: FBI Sat On It
•  Coulter: We Have Now Hit Full-On Crazy
•  Nunes: FBI Is Not Cooperating with Our Investigation into Trump Camp Surveillance
•  The FBI Says It Can't Find Hackers to Hire Because They All Smoke Pot
•  How The Government Ruined U.S. Healthcare (And What We Can Actually Do About It)
•  Feds Indict Philadelphia DA With 23 Corruption-Related Charges
•  Democrats Hoped to Hurt Trump, but Raised Suspicions of Obama
•  Newt Rips into Comey, Calls Today's Testimony 'Pathetic'
•  Edward Snowden Weighs In As NSA Director Testifies On Russian Interference In 2016 Election
•  A fun, and unfortunately true, rant on why the press is hated
•  Maybe it's time to solve the North Korean problem once and for all
•  Trump Thinks Your Car's Gas Mileage Is... Your Business
•  The greatest danger to the State is independent intellectual criticism.
•  Secret Service laptop, pins, radio stolen
•  ZeroHedge on the Venezuela story
•  The journey from a beautiful, air-cooled, mechanical piece of artwork to a smartphone with wheels. Sad.
•  Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her
•  Choose voluntary, free markets or starve to death; the only two choices in the end
•  Senator McCain Explodes: "Rand Paul Is Working For Putin!"
•  Attorneys Upset Over ICE Agents Enforcing Law at Courthouses
•  Monsanto Colluded With EPA, Was Unable To Prove Roundup Does Not Cause Cancer
•  Foreign workers have a much greater, taxpayer-subsidized, incentive to work long hours at low wages
•  Animal Control claims longtime family dog is wolf hybrid, won't return him to owners
•  National Front no longer taboo for French youth
•  Facial recognition software, already used by Facebook and Google, available to public.
•  American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone
•  Students Support Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians
•  John McCain needs to be 'primaried' and it's a real shame it didn't happen last time
•  Only DEREGULATION will allow the free market to solve health care issues.
•  How The Black Market Is Saving Two Countries From Their Governments
•  FBI Used Best Buy's Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public Surveillance
•  Porsche Links

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