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Saturday, November 01, 2014 - 08:43 UTC

• Investigators, Branson go to spacecraft crash site
• 'We just had a hunch': US marshals nab Eric Frein
• Driver sought in crash that killed 3 on Halloween
• Nurse free to move about as restrictions eased
• Boko Haram denies truce, kidnapped girls married
• Bangladesh hit by electricity blackout
• Hong Kong protests promise political game change
• Burkina Faso: 2nd soldier says he's president

•  Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland
•  Non-Citizens Are Voting
•  German banks to flog savers until their mood improves
•  Wisconsin town justifies using an armored vehicle to collect $86k from old man
•  Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges
•  How could someone be so selfless to go to Africa to help and so selfish to not protect her own countrymen?
•  Proof is in the pudding: Why Americans Can't Afford to Live in Liberal Cities
•  0bamacare sends health premiums skyrocketing by as much as 78 percent
•  Seattle Times 'Outraged' FBI Created Fake Web Page, News Story To Catch Teen Suspect
•  President hiding post-election agenda
•  Man charged with breaking a trooper's fist with his face
•  Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required
•  The Police Are Still Out of Control, by Frank Serpico
•  Ex-CBS reporter's book reveals how liberal media protects 0bama
•  Could illegal aliens decide the November election?
•  Illegals as the swing vote?!?!?
•  Hillary, the evil troll: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs'
•  Dems on FEC move to regulate Internet campaigns and blogs
•  Study: Americans Afraid to Take Vacation Days
•  "His most recent subway ride came just hours before his Ebola test."
•  Ebola in New York City!
•  Zerobama Asserts Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim for Holder's Wife
•  Seattle Cops Bring Lawsuit Claiming They Have A Constitutional Right To Use Excessive Force
•  Republican votes changed to Democrat votes in Illinois county
•  Good for them: Consumers plan to shop with cash after multiple store data breaches
•  Liberal Hypocrisy on 'Choice'
•  Thousands of federal workers on extended paid leave
•  President's Latest Speech About The Economic "Recovery" Results In Mass Audience Exodus
•  The Land of the Free: Woman Sent To Jail For Overgrown Yard
•  Six Reasons to Panic <-- If you only read one article about Ebola, read this one.
•  Wahaaaaa, wahaaaaa we won't be able to spy on our subjects any more
•  If you like your Ebola, you can keep your Ebola
•  We'll tell you how dangerous ebola is after the election
•  North Carolina Senator's husband pays himself, cronies with 'stimulus' money
•  White House approving and disapproving CONTENT in news reports
•  57,600 tax-free dollars per year, nice work if you can get it.
•  0bamacare website won't reveal insurance costs for 2015 until after election

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