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Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 12:48 UTC

• Spain, France press manhunt for ringleader in dual attacks
• The Latest: Police say Barcelona manhunt on for Moroccan
• Boston, cradle of liberty, braces for spirited protests
• 1 police officer killed, 3 injured in 2 shootings in Florida
• A look at US-S. Korea war games and how North might respond
• Northwestern prof, Oxford staffer extradited to Chicago

•  Just a good ol' boy: Dad launches car with family inside over opening drawbridge
•  Bundy ranch case: Judge issues list of things defendants can't say
•  Technology is changing Generation smartphone, and not always for the better
•  Ann Coulter on Charlottesville
•  Porsche reveals date for Rennsport Reunion VI
•  SpaceX Dragon delivers scientific bounty to space station
•  The mathematics of golf
•  Is Alexa spying on us? We're too busy to care... and we might regret that
•  24 Times Citizens Used Guns to Save Lives in Last Six Weeks
•  Companies Hire Americans Instead of Foreign Visa Workers
•  Less is more? Trump slows federal regs to a crawl in first six months
•  Singer and Williams Are Wildly Modifying a Porsche Flat-Six
•  Hearing loss of US diplomats in Cuba blamed on covert device
•  Here Are All The Media Outlets Blatantly Lying About The Google Memo
•  Illegal Cellphones Are Being Used To Assassinate Police Officers And Their Families
•  Mass Stabbing Suspect Stopped When Fourth Target Pulled a Gun
•  Google's Social Justice Warriors Create Wrongthink Blacklists
•  Baby Boomers Who Won't Sell Are Dominating the Housing Market
•  Farage calls out McCain: the biggest enemy of all that we face are those within in our ranks
•  The Canadian "legal" system seems more like what you'd expect from North Korea
•  The path of the solar eclipse visible in Google location-based search results
•  Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Map of When to Watch in Each State in Totality Path
•  The path of the eclipse on August 21st
•  Judge sets $30K bail for UK researcher in malware case
•  Republican donor from Virginia Beach sues GOP, accusing the party of fraud over failed Obamacare repeal
•  Knox: Michelle Carter deserves sympathy and help, not prison
•  Seven Facts About Trump's Merit-Based Immigration Reform
•  CIA tool aids in "creating fake or destroying actual evidence"
•  Anyone who lives near the coast knows this: Crabber Of 50 Years Tells Gore Sea Level Hasn't Changed
•  Jeff Flake: 'I'll Take the Globalist Moniker, Thank You'
•  The scientific reason you don't like LED bulbs
•  Electric Vehicle Fantasy No Threat To Petroleum Anytime Soon
•  NY eyes 'textalyzier' after 12 texting-while-driving deaths over a 4 year period
•  Porsche Links

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